Dark Necessities: A Developed Sound of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Since Blood Sugar Sex Magik, each member of Red Hot Chili Peppers had built strong character, musically. On 5 May 2016, they came with "Dark Necessities": an energetic, catchy song, featuring some funk bass lines from Flea, progressive guitar strings from Josh Klinghoffer, and emotional drum beats from Chad Smith. Surprisingly, the song also contains disco sound and jazzy piano tune. Through this song, it is proved that Klinghoffer is the best replacement for John Frusciante. 

The music video of "Dark Necessities" was directed by actress Olivia Wilde. Chris Blauvelt served as the cinematographer. It features longboarders Carmen Shafer, Amanda Caloia, Amanda Powell, and Noelle Mulligan skating around a grocery store, abandoned streets, and the L.A. river.

"Dark Necessities" is the first single from Red Hot Chili Peppers eleventh studio album, The Getaway. It became the band's 13th number-one single on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart, a record they have held since 2006's "Snow ((Hey Oh))".

"Dark Necessities" was written by Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Klinghoffer, Smith, and Danger Mouse (Brian Burton). Kiedis said that many of the songs were created on their own. However, "Dark Necessities" was one of the songs that the band had written with Danger Mouse. 

The lyrics of the song speak to the beauty of our dark sides and how much creativity, growth and light actually comes out of those difficult struggles that we have on the inside of our heads that no one else can see. Kiedis also said that the song meant a lot to Danger Mouse and it was one of his favorites.

The Getaway is the first Chili Peppers album since 1989's Mother's Milk to not feature the production of Rick Rubin. Along with Danger Mouse’s studio work, it was mixed by Radiohead producer, Nigel Godrich.