Dewa Budjana, The Sound of Indonesian Jazz

80s is the beginning of jazz in Indonesia. Musicians and singers like Utha Likumahuwa, Ermy Kullit, Fariz RM, Krakatau band, and January Christy start their jazz career in the 80s and immediately gain success. They played and sang catchy jazz songs.

Indonesian-ethnic jazz first popularized by Krakatau band in the 90s, after they changed the personnel, formation, and genre into ethnic jazz. They combined jazz with the sounds of Indonesian traditional music instruments. Until early 2000s, They have released four albums of ethnic jazz and played their music in various countries.

Now, many Indonesian musicians play easy listening pop jazz songs. But, an Indonesian guitarist, songwriter and composer, Dewa Budjana is exceptional. His consistency in playing ethnic jazz with Indonesian sounds since his first solo album, Nusa Damai (1997), until his ninth album, Zentuary (a double album which released in October 2016), has become his 'second identity' in Indonesia.

Before release solo albums, most Indonesian know him as the guitaris of a pop rock band, GIGI (although he already had a jazz career since 1980s, long before GIGI).

Budjana incorporating the element of ethnic, rock, fusion, and lounge in his arrangements. His harmonies have some mystical and spiritual sensation, as in Ruang Dialisis and Surya Namaskar. As a Balinese Hindu devotee, his spirituality affects his music.

Budjana also presenting a cross-cultural blend of songs, as his audience grow from regional to worldwide, when he joined MoonJune Records label in 2012.

For his albums, Budjana worked with talented musicians. Among them are Tony Levin, Ben Williams, Antonio Sanchez, Jack DeJohnette, Gary Husband, Peter Erskine, Jimmy Johnson, Vinnie Colaiuta, Indra Lesmana, Ubiet, Czech Symphony Orchestra, Guthrie Govan, Tim Garland, and Danny Markovich. Budjana usually recorded his albums in California and New York.

Dewa Budjana's Guitars

  • Aria Pro
  • Parker NiteFly M / Parker Fly     Saraswati
  • Parker Fly Deluxe
  • PRS McCarty Hollowbody
  • Steinberger
  • Klein Custom
  • Klein Double Neck
  • Epiphone Explorer
  • Gibson SG Standard
  • Gibson L-5
  • Casio MG-510
  • Godin Multiac Steel