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When Eric Clapton Met Carlos Santana...

Imagine if two completely different styles of music converging into one hell of an instrumental jam.

Carlos Santana’s Latin infused style of guitar playing blended with Eric Clapton’s blues infused style, become the musical experience of every fan’s dreams. Clapton and Santana have jammed together for many times through the decades, prove that they’re absolutely unstoppable.
There are many bootleg cassettes and CDs of the performances. It reminding us that they are two of the most fiercely popular and respected guitarists in rock history.
Below are some of the greatest moments shared between rock legends:
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 1975
Santana jammed with Clapton at least eight times in the summer of 1975. Including June 24 in Springfield, MA, June 25 in Providence, June 28 at the Nassau Coliseum, July 7 in Bloomington, MN, August 3rd in Vancouver, August 14th in Los Angeles, and on August 15th at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino.

Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana play "Eyesight To The B…

Michael Jackson Dark Imagery In Thriller

Michael Jackson's fifth studio album, Off the Wall, which released in August 1979 is his first solo album under Epic Records. A departure from his previous work for Motown Records. Off the Wall crafted from funk, disco, soft rock, jazz, Broadway and pop ballads.
Michael received positive reviews for his vocal performance on Off the Wall. The record gained critical acclaim and recognition, and won the singer his first Grammy Award.
But, Michael felt undervalued by the music industry. In 1980 when he asked the publicist of Rolling Stone if they would be interested in doing a cover story on him, the publicist declined, to which Michael responded,  "I've been told over and over that black people on the cover of magazines doesn't sell copies ... Just wait. Someday those magazines are going to be begging me for an interview. Maybe I'll give them one, and maybe I won't."
Michael is a highly intelligent man who was able to increasing his independence through his…

An American Prayer: Arts And Motives In A Spoken Word Album

Ooh great creator of being, grant us one more hour, to perform our art and perfect our lives.  - Jim Morrison -
The Doors lead singer, Jim Morrison was well known for improvising spoken word poetry passages while the band played live.
Since he was a teenager, Morrison was drawn to the study of literature, poetry, religion, philosophy and psychology, among other fields. Morrison read widely and voraciously—being particularly inspired by the writings of philosophers and poets. 
He discovered the work of Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Rimbaud, William Blake, Charles Baudelaire, Jack Kerouac, the Marquis de Sade, Louis-Ferdinand CĂ©line, Joseph Campbell, and James Frazer.
Morrison was particularly attracted to the myths and religions of Native American cultures. While he was still in school, his family moved to New Mexico where he got to see some of the places and artifacts important to the American Southwest Indigenous cultures. These interests appear to be the source of many references to c…