When Eric Clapton Met Carlos Santana...

Imagine if two completely different styles of music converging into one hell of an instrumental jam.

Carlos Santana’s Latin infused style of guitar playing blended with Eric Clapton’s blues infused style, become the musical experience of every fan’s dreams. Clapton and Santana have jammed together for many times through the decades, prove that they’re absolutely unstoppable.

There are many bootleg cassettes and CDs of the performances. It reminding us that they are two of the most fiercely popular and respected guitarists in rock history.

Below are some of the greatest moments shared between rock legends:


Santana jammed with Clapton at least eight times in the summer of 1975. Including June 24 in Springfield, MA, June 25 in Providence, June 28 at the Nassau Coliseum, July 7 in Bloomington, MN, August 3rd in Vancouver, August 14th in Los Angeles, and on August 15th at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino.

Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana play "Eyesight To The Blind", live at L.A. Forum, California on 14 August 1975 

In 1975, Stanford University relented and allowed a few Summer events. The highlight was a concert by Eric Clapton. The band played at Frost Amphitheatre, Stanford University, California on 9 August 1975.

Bell bottom pants were certainly in style. The band appear with Santana in tow for a run through of "Eyesight To The Blind" from The Who’s film Tommy. Clapton and Santana playing the song in double time and trading some of the most incredible solos.

Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana at Frost Amphitheatre, Stanford University, 1975

In the late spring of 1984 (May 28 - July 8), Bob Dylan set out on a 27 date European tour. Dylan played some of the best known European music venues. He was joined by several major musicians on the tour including Santana (all concerts) and Clapton (London).

The musicians appearing before 72,000 people at London's open-air Wembley Stadium on the evening of July 7th. It was Dylan's biggest concert in England since the 1969 Isle of Wight Festival.

Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana at Wembley Stadium, 1984

Along with Clapton, Santana and Chrissie Hynde, the entire entourage proceeded to give an amazing performance of "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat." The musicians also launched into high-powered performances of "Tombstone Blues," "Senor," "The Times They are A-Changin' " and "Blowin' in the Wind."

On 15 June 1999, Santana band released their seventeenth studio album, Supernatural. It is the most successful album by Santana, hitting the number one spot in ten countries. It included the hit singles and songs which featured incredible musicians. Clapton is among the other guest artists. The album closed with "The Calling" that had Carlos Santana and Clapton stretching out in a guitar tour-de-force.

"The Calling" by Santana featuring Eric Clapton

On 15 February 2010, Sony issued a two-disc Legacy Edition. Disc One has the completely re-mastered original album. The second disc has almost 70 minutes of previously unreleased and rare music. Including "The Calling Jam" featuring Clapton, which is is an instrumental version, without vocals.

Eric Clapton became a special guest in Santana's concert at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, on 28 April 2000. Santana and Clapton perform together in 6 songs: "Batuka/No One To Depend On", "Taboo/The Calling", "Smooth", "Soul Sacrifice", and "Jingo".

Since 1999, Clapton held The Crossroads Guitar Festival, a series of music festivals and benefit concerts. The festivals benefit the Crossroads Centre founded by Clapton, a drug treatment center in Antigua. The concerts showcase a variety of guitarists, selected by Clapton personally.

The 2004 concert featured an electrifying performance from Carlos Santana who played 8 songs. That included Clapton and Santana's take on “Jin-Go-Lo-Ba” (Jingo), an instrumental track originally written and recorded by Nigerian percussionist Babatunde Olatunji and made famous by Santana in 1969.

Watch Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana play “Jin-Go-Lo-Ba” (Jingo) here

The 2004 concert was held at Cotton Bowl stadium in Dallas, Texas, from June 4 - June 6.