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Jay Chou, The Musical Genius

Cultures make music. The desire to string notes together into something like a melody seems to be innate to humans.
There is the degree of variation that exists across cultures in terms of how people hear, evaluate, and create music.

Some cultures have a background in musical harmony. Their musical traditions involve playing their traditional instruments with multiple notes at the same time.

The melodies we prefer may not be quite so universal. But, if the melody is good enough to make people feel something, no matter what kind of music or language the artists are singing: Chinese, Indian, or Spanish, people can still enjoy the music.

Jay Chou, a Taiwanese musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, film producer, actor and director, combines Chinese style music and Western music.

The combination of Chinese and Western music is not something new. Some musicians have done it long before Chou makes music. But, Chou makes it different. He established the complexity in his musical arr…

The Second Life of Suede

Suede might be the defining band of their era. They appeared to have everything: fantastic songs, a striking image, an incredible guitarist (Bernard Butler who departed from Suede in 1994 and replaced with Richard Oakes), and a singer who realised that a truly great rock star is often a piquantly ridiculous figure, just like David Bowie.
Suede's lyrics strike the balance between decadence and elegance, and seek meaningful, one-on-one connections.

After attracted much attention and continuous success since their debut album in 1992, in early 2000's, Suede lost their demon.
Their fifth album, A New Morning (2002), became a commercial disappointment. Then the band disbanded in 2003.
7 years later, in March 2010, all members of Suede played in front of the audience for the first time after they break up. They played that emotional performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London as part of the 2010 Teenage Cancer Trust shows. Brett Anderson said:
"It was of my favourite shows of…