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Bernard Butler, The Dramatic Guitar Player

Bernard Butler has been noted as one of Britain's most original and influential guitarists. He was voted the 24th greatest guitarist of the last 30 years in a national 2010 BBC poll.
Butler achieved fame as the guitarist of Suede, forging a songwriting partnership with Brett Anderson. The Mercury Prize winning debut 'Suede' in 1993 was the fastest selling record chart topper in years creating a media frenzy. 

Butler is often seen performing with a 1961 cherry red Gibson ES-355. In Suede, he turned heads for his uniquely dramatic playing style with eerie ambient sounds, crunching riffs, a clean-ish - jangly tone, or a fuzzy - over driven tone.
Suede perform "Animal Nitrate" at the Brit Awards in 1993
Butler co-writing and playing guitars on every Suede recording until 1994. He quit the band after recording Suede's second album Dog Man Star. The defining Dog Man Star, a sprawling concept of rare ambition resulted in Butler’s untimely exit.

Suede continued witho…